Working From Home

Remote work is the new normal

Today's changes and tomorrow's uncertainties are
redefining your organization and how you work.

Remote work is the new normal

Small businesses need secure solutions for remote workers with around-the clock, work-from-anywhere connections. Solutions designed to work together make it easy to get started and expand as you grow.

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Our Work From Anywhere solution spanning collaboration, security, and networking works seamlessly with your existing technology to help small businesses like yours keep employees working productively, no matter where they’re located. Whether they’re at home or in the office, your employees access the same secure set of tools they need to get their jobs done.

Give everyone, no matter where they’re working from, the ability to easily communicate and collaborate securely.

Protect users and devices with verified access, threat detection, and cloud-delivered security, so your employees can work securely from any device, at any time, in any location.

Streamline remote teamwork with easy-to-use video conferencing, messaging, and white-boarding tools.

See what business resiliency means in your sector


Create a safer work environment for your clinicians and staff and a trusted experience for your patients, while maintaining continuity of care.


Make governing more effective for building essential services and functions securely, flexibly, and at scale.


Redesign teaching, learning, and administration with our business resiliency solutions.


Securely connect remote teams and facilities to maintain production during unforeseen business disruptions.

Nobody likes to be disconnected

In small businesses, people working from home have the same responsibilities and needs as in-office employees. To help them be as productive remotely as they would in the office, you need secure and flexible work solutions with around-the clock, work-from-anywhere connections, so everyone can meet and share documents and keep projects moving forward.

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