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We recognize that office relocations can be emotionally taxing, but with our expertise, the transfer of your IT technology becomes a stress-free endeavor. We work with you by planning meticulously in advance building off a thorough assessment of your existing IT setup, scouting of your new location and working with movers to ensure that your business can continue its operations without unnecessary interruptions.


Use Case

Evaluate the following use cases to help determine whether selecting a technology provider for your office IT relocation would be the most suitable approach for your situation.

Complex IT Infrastructure

For organizations with intricate setups, providers like ACS can ensure a smooth move while safeguarding equipment and data.

Data Security and Compliance

If you handle sensitive data or face regulatory requirements, ACS is capable of upholding security and compliance standards during relocation.

Business Continuity

Maintaining uninterrupted operations is crucial and providers like ASCS excel at minimizing downtime and its impact.

Limited In-House Expertise

If your internal IT team lacks experience or resources for managing a complex or large relocation, ACS can backhaul this inexperience with our own bridging the gap to prevent costly errors or downtime.

Resource Allocation

Outsourcing would ease the burden on your internal IT team as well as allowing them to focus on core tasks and projects associated with the move.

Scheduling Sensitivity

When you have a tight relocation schedule, teaming up with ACS can expedite the process, ensuring that your IT infrastructure is up and running quickly in the new location.



Comprehensive Planning

A thorough assessment is conducted detailing your relocation strategy, including timelines, resource allocation, and risks.

Data Backup and Security

Secure data backup and protection measures to prevent data loss during the relocation process.

Downtime Mitigation

We'll strategize with your team to minimize downtime during the transition, ensuring that essential systems remain operational.

Equipment Handling

Safe handling, packing, and transportation of IT equipment, including servers, computers, networking hardware, and peripherals.

Infrastructure Setup

Swift and accurate setup of IT infrastructure at the new location, including network configurations and connectivity.


Tailored solutions to accommodate unique equipment, compliance requirements, and specific business needs.

Post-Move Support

Continued support after the move to address any issues that may arise during the adjustment period.

Make Your IT
Move A Breeze

Why Choose Us?

Look to ACS and gain a partner dedicated to making your next IT move a breeze. Our meticulous planning, data security, and equipment handling expertise is meant to get the right results – a panic-free move with no surprises. Our bespoke solutions cater to every unique need, no matter the scale. Enjoy continuous support and crystal-clear communication, from start to finish. With over 30 years of expertise, ACS guarantees your office IT relocation is a smooth, worry-free journey.

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