Network Perimeter Scan

ACS Perimeter Scan starting at $399

Finally a cyber security tool that cuts through the fluff
and shows you what hackers REALLY see.


Network Perimeter Scan

For business owners and IT pros alike, ACS’ Network Perimeter Scan is a cybersecurity tool which detects and reports the same security exploits hackers use to compromise your network.

Arming yourself with fact-based data not only eliminates the assumptive, and oft expensive approach to cyber security, but allows your business to focus on the systems that truly are at the greatest risk of compromise. Stopping would-be hackers in their tracks.

Arm Yourself with Fact-Based Data

Our all-in-one network security solutions allow you to keep your network up-to-date and secure without lifting a finger. All of our plans include your very own Client Monitoring Portal – a custom dashboard where you can easily view live security events, device health and key performance metrics 24/7 365.

  • Open (“listening”) ports
  • Network and Web services
  • Remote access (terminal services, Teamviewer, VPN)
  • System configuration errors/unsafe configurations
  • Coding flaws/unsafe code
  • Missing service packs and security fixes
  • Lower costs compared to more expensive penetration tests
  • Use highest industry standards such NIST frameworks and CVSS scoring
  • Receive professional consultation with a security analyst
  • Possibility to reduced cyber insurance rates
  • Aids in PCI DSS compliance
  • One-time comprehensive risk report
  • One external IP
  • Detailed walkthrough of the report (up to two hours).

Key Takeaways

  • ACS detects high-risk vulnerabilities on external network resources of 90 percent of tested companies.
  • Even a low-skilled attacker could exploit 10 percent of vulnerabilities by using a ready public exploit.
  • The vast majority of vulnerabilities could be eliminated by installing operating system, firmware and software patches, deactivating unnecessary network services or removing their exposure to the internet.
  • Applications make up over 75% of vulnerabilities. One fifth of software vulnerabilities involved some sort of web service, OpenSSH, or remote access flaw which allows attackers to obtain control over network perimeter resources or breach the company’s local network.
  • All companies have security vulnerabilities related to internet and email use. It’s not feasible to completely eliminate this form of traffic if one wants to conduct business in the digital era. It is, however, possible to minimize your attack surface by enforcing updated SSL/TLS protocols, correcting misconfigured certificates and avoiding the use of email for exchanging sensitive financial or client information by using HTTPS webforms or encrypted emails.

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