Uncovering External Threats, Protecting Your Digital Borders

Invest in your digital security today with ACS' network perimeter security scan. The proactive approach to identifying vulnerabilities before cyber criminals find them.
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ACS’ network perimeter security scan focuses on the areas of your IT infrastructure that are vulnerable to external threats, such as those exposed to the internet, or are otherwise not restricted to your internal users or systems. These areas typically include websites, ports, services, networks, systems, and applications that need to be accessed by external users or customers. Similar to how malicious actors use automated tools to exploit known vulnerabilities, ACS uses similar techniques to identify and report upon external weaknesses so you can address them before criminals do. This way, you’ll ensure your company’s perimeter security remains strong and resilient against potential threats.


Use Case


Businesses renewing or seeking cyberinsurance coverage.

Insurance Conformity

Certified and independent vulnerability auditing for Insurance providers.

Risk Baseline

Businesses looking to baseline their risk level prior to investing in preventative security measures.

Security Testing

Third-party benchmarking against existing IT security measures.

Regulatory Initiatives

Businesses seeking venture initiatives with highly regulated or compliant industries.


Regulated businesses or professions that require ad-hoc or occasional vulnerability assessments.



CVE Scoring & Detection

Provides detailed inventory of network devices, highlighting potential security risks, missing patches, and misconfigurations.

Lightweight Agent

Easy to deploy, unobtrusive and safe. Our lightweight scanner won't affect system performance and leaves no trace behind.


Meets NIST Identity and CVSS Frameworks

Full Reporting

Simple, comprehensive reporting on all aspects of NIST Identity, including Asset Reports, Remediation Reports, Compliance, etc.

Post Consultation

Expert guidance to help you make informed decisions about your security posture with special pricing for remediation services.

Versatile Compatibility

Linux, Windows, On-Premises or Cloud.

Clarity to Assess
The Business Risk

Why Choose Us?

Clarity to assess the business risk. Our broad customer base means we view vulnerabilities and exploits from the perspective of the forest not just the tree. Combined with over a quarter century of expertise in securing networks and IT systems, ACS is able to prioritize risk, relevancy and remediation by determining whom and how real threats to your industry will be exploited.

– Cisco certified in networking, routing and switching, security, VOIP, and design.

– Proven results. Our tools have scanning hundreds of thousands of endpoints.

– A team that adheres to NIST guidelines and best practices.

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