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Network technology is the backbone of modern business. Every day you rely on your systems to process thousands of transactions and any disruptions can lead to negative customer experiences, lost revenue and decreased productivity. That’s why keeping your network running smoothly depends on consistent surveillance and health monitoring. With ACS’ round-the-clock monitoring service, you’ll have the ability to proactively detect and resolve any potential issues, keeping your networks up and running and your stakeholders satisfied.


Use Case

Any company that values high availability, needs to meet compliance requirements or is affected by loss of productivity due to network disruptions would derive benefits from Network Monitoring. The following businesses would especially see advantages:

ICT Providers

ICT Providers that rely heavily on their network infrastructure to deliver services to their clients and customers, making network monitoring a critical aspect of their operations.

Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare Organizations that use network monitoring to ensure secure and reliable access to patient data and electronic health records.

Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions need to ensure the uptime of their network systems, particularly for online transactions and data processing.

Government Agencies

Government Agencies that use network monitoring to secure sensitive information and to ensure the availability of their online services to the public.

Large Enterprises

Large Enterprises with complex networks and multiple locations can benefit from network monitoring to ensure high availability and performance of their IT systems.

Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing Companies that need to monitor their network systems to ensure the smooth operation of their production processes and secure access to their data.


Here are some of the benefits of having ACS' managed Network and WiFi services team on board.


Monitoring & Analysis

Analyzes network traffic at the physical, data and network Layers as well as ISPs.

Vendor Agnostic

Supports Multiple Vendors with Standard Protocols.


Rollout and Management Efforts Reduced with Agent-less operation.


Capable of Monitoring Thousands of Network Devices.

24/7 Network Monitoring

Flexible Options for 24x7 invigilated monitoring.

Alerting and Support Integration

Choose Between Alerting Service Only or Integrated Support.

Client Dashboard

Clear Visualization, Floor Plans, and Network Diagrams via a web browser.

Real-Time Data

Access Live Network Performance Data in a User-friendly Interface.

Clarity to Assess
The Business Risk

Why Choose Us?

Choose ACS as your trusted partner for comprehensive network monitoring. With over 30 years of experience in building and maintaining network systems, we possess the expertise to ensure your network operates seamlessly. Our team holds multiple Cisco certifications in networking, routing and switching, security, VOIP, and design, guaranteeing solutions of the highest standard. Whether your network is big or small, we have the knowledge and skills to meet your needs. From proactive monitoring to troubleshooting and optimization, ACS is committed to delivering exceptional network performance. Trust us to be your reliable partner in network monitoring and management.

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