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Introducing our end-to-end Managed IT Networking and WiFi service, designed to take the hassle out of managing your network. Our team of experts will handle every aspect of your network infrastructure, from design and implementation to maintenance and troubleshooting, leaving you free to focus on your core business operations.

We offer a range of customizable solutions to meet your specific needs, including, wired and wireless network management, SD-WAN, network hardening, remote access, cloud-based networking, and secure guest access.

Our service is designed to deliver optimal network performance, reliability, and security, so you can focus on growing your business. Our team of experts will monitor your network around-the-clock to ensure that it is running smoothly and proactively identify and address any issues before they become problems.


Use Case

Tiered WiFi Access

Businesses can leverage the appropriate platform to design a personalized Wi-Fi encounter for various users, including different departments, contractors, and visitors, each with their specific access rights, security protocols, bandwidth consumption, and pertinent functionalities. Implementing such a tiered approach can increase staff productivity, creating new revenue streams such as in hospitality, and enhanced user experience.

Everywhere Connectivity

Wi-Fi connectivity empowers businesses across industries to enhance operations, customer experiences, and competitiveness in the digital landscape.

  • In manufacturing, Wi-Fi-connected devices enable real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and efficient production processes.
  • SMBs benefit from Wi-Fi-enabled productivity tools, allowing employees to work from anywhere, anytime, enhancing flexibility and productivity.
  • Retail businesses utilize Wi-Fi for targeted promotions, in-store navigation, foot traffic tracking, secure payment systems, and streamlined inventory management.
  • In the hospitality industry, Wi-Fi enables personalized guest experiences, keyless entry systems, and improved operational efficiency.
  • In healthcare, Wi-Fi connects medical devices and enables automatic updates to electronic medical records, improving patient care and productivity.

Tracking and Monitoring

Wi-Fi-enabled tracking and monitoring benefit various industries:

  • Manufacturing.  Real-time monitoring optimizes production, reduces waste, and prevents equipment downtime.
  • Construction. Location tracking prevents theft and improves project efficiency.
  • Transportation. Real-time tracking enables efficient routing, reduces delivery times, and ensures compliance.
  • Healthcare. Real-time tracking of medical equipment prevents theft and provides valuable insights.
  • Small and medium-sized businesses. Asset tracking reduces risk, improves efficiency, and lowers costs.

Connectivity Revolutionizes Operations

By leveraging the power and functionality of Wi-Fi, businesses can stay competitive and succeed in today’s fast-paced digital landscape

  • Service Industries. Wi-Fi equips field service technicians with real-time information, optimizing repairs and enhancing service quality.
  • Logistics. Real-time tracking of inventory and shipments via Wi-Fi-enabled RFID tags streamlines supply chain management, improving efficiency.
  • Education. Wi-Fi connectivity streamlines education delivery, providing access to resources and facilitating communication between teachers and students.
  • Energy. Wi-Fi-enabled sensors and smart meters ofptimize energy consumption, while building management systems enhance control over HVAC systems, reducing energy costs.

Capacity and Integration

Businesses looking to take advantage of the benefits of deploying Wi-Fi throughout their facilities need to prioritize improving the capacity and stability of their Wi-Fi and Network infrastructure. This can be done through trusted third-party managed service providers such as ACS. As Wi-Fi technology continues to advance, organizations will discover innovative ways to leverage it for improved client engagement and streamlined business management

Wi-Fi Wayfinding

Wi-Fi indoor positioning systems offer valuable benefits for businesses, enabling customers and visitors to navigate facilities with ease. By leveraging Wi-Fi signals, businesses gather data on movement patterns, dwell time, and visitor behavior. This information empowers administrators to optimize operations and enhance the overall customer experience in large campuses or buildings.


Here are some of the benefits of having ACS' managed Network and WiFi services team on board.


Network & Wi-Fi Management

Proactive monitoring and maintenance of all Wi-Fi and Network traffic, identifying issues, and resolving them quickly to minimize downtime.

Network Optimization

Configuration of all firewalls, switches, intrusion detection and prevention devices and web filtering to keep the network and connected devices secure.


Rollout and Management Efforts Reduced with Agent-less operation.


Capable of Monitoring Thousands of Network Devices.

24/7 Network Monitoring

Flexible Options for 24x7 invigilated monitoring.

Alerting and Support Integration

Choose Between Alerting Service Only or Integrated Support.

Client Dashboard

Clear Visualization, Floor Plans, and Network Diagrams via a web browser.

Real-Time Data

Access Live Network Performance Data in a User-friendly Interface.

Clarity to Assess
The Business Risk

Why Choose Us?

As a leading provider of Managed Network and Wi-Fi Solutions, ACS caters to both enterprise and SMB sectors. Our expertise lies in developing, implementing, and managing cutting-edge network and Wi-Fi solutions for seamless information access, communication, and collaboration. Our services encompass access management, infrastructure management, WAN, MAN, and LAN networking, along with health monitoring, segmentation, and consulting. With flexible and scalable solutions, we empower your workforce to work from anywhere, on any device. Serving various industries including retail, healthcare, government, and education, ACS leverages partnerships with major telecom carriers and Cisco Systems to deliver superior network and Wi-Fi solutions. With 30 years of experience, we are the preferred provider for leading international brands in South Western Ontario.

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