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At ACS, we understand that IT challenges can be a significant barrier to business growth. That’s why we’ve developed a Managed Helpdesk service that goes beyond conventional IT support. Our Managed Helpdesk is more than just a helpdesk. It’s a strategic partner that can help you streamline your IT operations, reduce costs, and improve end-user experience. With our same day support and ITIL framework you can be confident that you’ll receive prompt and personalized assistance whenever you need it.


Use Case

There are several convincing reasons for a business to consider Managed Helpdesk as a solution for their IT needs. Some of these reasons are:

Limited IT Personnel

In the absence of an internal IT department, employees may have to take on IT support responsibilities. However, as the company expands or technology becomes more complex, opting for a managed helpdesk service instead of hiring an in-house IT person would be a more practical option due to the broad range of IT skills, consistent pricing, and cost efficiencies achieved through economies of scale.

IT Delegation

Managed helpdesk services can help offload your business' recurring IT tasks, such as daily health and security monitoring, updates, patches, and adds/moves/changes, from your IT department. The offloading of such tasks can free up your IT department's time, which can be then used to concentrate on other critical development projects that might otherwise be put on hold due to the team's busy schedule of maintaining the helpdesk workloads.

Scalability Challenges

Businesses facing challenges in scaling to business growth or periods of increased IT demand may struggle with support and project delivery, neglect to infrastructure, and compromised security. Managed helpdesk services can provide the necessary support to ensure that these challenges are met with ease.

Staffing Difficulties

The IT industry has long faced high turnover rates, which are exacerbated by the costs and time associated with maintaining certifications and skills in the face of increasing technical complexity. Additionally, the trend towards increased reliance on technology is driving demand for IT professionals leading to higher salary expectations even amongst entry applicants. In such cases, partnering with a managed helpdesk provider can offer access to a team of IT professionals with a broad range of expertise.

Changing Providers

Organizations may switch to a managed helpdesk provider due to unsatisfactory service quality, lack of expertise, cost, business growth, or compliance reasons.

Limited Budgets

Organizations with limited budgets that still require top-notch IT services are ideal candidates for partnering with a managed helpdesk provider. By leveraging the cost-saving benefits of working with a provider, guaranteed SLAs, and ensuring compliance with regulations, these organizations can meet their IT needs without compromising service levels or capabilities.



Proactive Support

Canadian Based, no Outsourcing
Quick Response Times
Stringent SLAs
Remote Helpdesk
Live Operators, No IVRs


Continuous Vulnerability Scanning
Cybersecurity Control Systems
Edge to Endpoint Protection
Zero Trust, Always Verify
NIST Complaint

Service Operations

Patch Management and Maintenance
Performance Monitoring & Alerting
Flexible Maintenance Windows
Client Ticketing Portal and Dashboard
Controlled Document Access

Account Management

Licensing, Renewals & Upgrades
Simplified Billing
COBIT and ITIL Aligned
IT Planning

Clarity to Assess
The Business Risk

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to our Fully Managed Services look to ACS to provide the following:

Contract Rate Guarantees. Unlike some Telcos, we DO NOT reserve the right to increase your costs to satisfy stakeholders.

Blue Collar Ownership. No fancy cars, no McMansions. We’re a blue collar team from top to bottom.

Helping hands not handouts. When we talk shop we’re looking at your best interests not increasing our bottom line.

No nickel and diming. Don’t you hate feeling you’re always on the clock? Well we do too (said no lawyer ever). We pride ourselves on the fairness of our billing. Got a quick question, maybe a task took us a few minutes, or we ran over a quoted budget. It’s on us, promise.

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