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Why compromise on security? Secure your business without sacrificing budget - lease a firewall, stay protected, and experience worry-free protection like never before.``
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Say goodbye to security concerns and hello to peace of mind with our Managed Firewall Service plan. Lease a firewall from us and set our experts to work managing your firewall to ensure its up-to-date and remains effective at keeping out cyber threats. With our cutting-edge technology and personalized support, you can be confident that your network is always safeguarded against potential threats.


Use Case

Businesses require technology to be able to provide products and services. Losing access to those critical systems can impact profits, reputation, and business productivity.

Limited IT Resources

A small business may not have a dedicated IT staff or the expertise to manage their own firewall. In this case, a managed Firewall Security Service can provide the necessary security without requiring the business to invest in additional IT resources.

Remove Workforce

With an increasingly remote workforce, businesses need to ensure that their employees can access company resources securely from anywhere. A managed FWaaS solution can provide a secure connection for remote workers, while also protecting the business's network and data from external threats.

Compliance Requirements

Depending on the industry and regulatory requirements, businesses may need to comply with specific security standards or frameworks. A managed FWaaS solution can help ensure that the business meets these requirements by providing features such as logging and reporting, intrusion detection and prevention, and content filtering.

Increased Security Risks

As cyber threats continue to evolve, businesses need to stay ahead of the latest risks and vulnerabilities. A managed FWaaS solution can provide ongoing security updates and monitoring to help mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks.


A growing business may need to add more users or locations to their network, which can be a challenge to manage with an on-premise firewall. A managed FWaaS solution can easily scale up or down as the business's needs change, without requiring additional hardware or IT resources.


For businesses with limited budgets, a managed FWaaS solution can be more cost-effective than purchasing and maintaining their own firewall infrastructure. With a managed solution, the business pays a monthly fee for the service, which includes the cost of the hardware, software, and maintenance.



Included Equipment: Firewall, VPN Licenses, DNS and Web Filtering & Uninterruptable Power Supply
Proactive Security

Active management services of policies, updates, and patches – applied before new threats can exploit vulnerabilities

Commercial Grade

Only commercial grade Firewalls and Licensing

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranty and next day replacement on all equipment

Included Support

Included maintenance and monitoring

24/7 Surveillance

24/7 security and status alerts to your network

Pure Canadian

Dedicated Canadian-based network operations centre and personnel

Clarity to Assess
The Business Risk

Why Choose Us?

At ACS, we offer our Managed Firewall Security-as-a-Service solution for businesses of all sizes, including enterprises and SMBs. Our team of experts is skilled in developing, implementing, and managing advanced firewall security configurations that ensure your in-house and remote employees have access to critical information while maintaining the highest level or perimeter security. Our services include real-time monitoring, active management of policies and updates, transparency into firewall rules, fully managed projects around procurement and deployment, and guidance on selecting and implementing the right firewall for your business. We provide flexible, scalable, and future-proof solutions that enable your workforce to work securely from anywhere, on any device.

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