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Tap into the ultimate protection package: a dedicated team of crime-fighting security experts. With ACS' you can leave the battles to us and focus on what matters most - running your business.
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Mitigate Breaches with Proactive Measures

ACS’s Managed Cybersecurity solution offers a comprehensive approach to safeguarding your business against cyber threats. Our Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) includes the SIEM monitoring, management, and remediation of your organization’s cybersecurity systems and devices to our team of cybersecurity specialists. We leverage enterprise grade tools and proven technologies to protect your business from both current and emerging cyber threats, ensuring the security of your critical data and assets.


Use Case

Insurance Requirements

Are required to have a SOC/SIEM in accordance with the policies set forth by their insurers.

Store Highly Sensitive Data

Maintain highly sensitive personal or business information, financial data, intellectual property or government documentation labeled sensitive or secure.

Regulatory Compliance

Are subject to strict regulatory compliance requirements that if failed to be maintained could result in costly fines, penalties or imprisonment.

Former Victim

Have experienced security incidents. If your organization has experienced a targeted or serious breach attempt int the past the likelihood of being retargeted will remain high.

Lack Security Expertise

You’re concerned about the cost of cyber security or have difficulty in hiring and/or validating skillset.

Targeted Sector

Highly targeted by cybercriminals such as finance, healthcare, education, government, or critical infrastructure.


Smart IT procurement for optimal solutions


A Cybersecurity Operations Center (CSOC) you can call your own.

Includes all the features found in our Fully Managed offering: Managed Endpoints, Managed Helpdesk, Remote Monitoring, Managed Backups, Managed AV & Web Filtering

Clarity to Assess
The Business Risk

Why Choose Us?

There are significant differences in the quality of managed security services offered by organizations. Some lack 24/7 monitoring and incident remediation capabilities, focusing solely on risk management rather than recognizing the strategic importance of cybersecurity. This poses a challenge for businesses and MSSPs seeking to embed security into all processes while fostering innovation.

ACS offers industrial and functional expertise to develop a comprehensive cyber strategy, covering risk, business, and culture. We aim to reduce risks associated with digitization, establish secure enterprises using leading technology providers, assessments, training, and organizational transformation. Whether securing cloud transformations, protecting operational technology, or managing crises, we find the right strategy, convene leadership, and prepare organizations for future challenges.

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