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All-in-one IT network & WiFi security. Protect your business from the invisible threats with latest network technology and industry best security practices at an unbelievably affordable price.
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Upgrade your business networking security and hardware with no upfront costs! Enjoy top-of-the-line commercial grade firewall, switches, and WiFi with a lifetime warranty and next day replacement. Our Canadian-based network operations centre offers monitoring and status alerts service, coupled with exceptional technical support, to ensure your business runs smoothly. Experience worry-free networking and unleash the full potential of your business with ACSecure.


Use Case

IT equipment leasing and service can be beneficial for organizations of all sizes and types. However, the following types of organizations are more likely to achieve the greatest benefits:

Proof of Concept

Best for testing new ideas, products, or solutions before investing significant time and resources into a full-scale implementation.


Startups may not have the funds to purchase expensive equipment and hire IT specialist upfront, but leasing can help them obtain the necessary equipment without affecting their cash flow.

Small & Medium-sized Businesses

These organizations may not have the budget to purchase IT equipment outright, but leasing can help them keep up with the latest technology trends without breaking the bank.

Non-profit Organizations

Non-profits are often on tight budgets, and leasing IT equipment can help them avoid the upfront costs of purchasing equipment.


*If necessary, additional network cabling and network rack cabling clean-up is extra. We quote this prior to signing a contract with us.


Commercial Grade

Only commercial grade network, WiFi and security equipment and software.

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranty and next day replacement on all equipment.

Included Support

Included maintenance and monitoring.

24/7 Surveillance

24/7 security and status alerts to your network.

Pure Canadian

Dedicated Canadian-based network operations centre and personnel.

Included Equipment

24 Port Managed Switch
(2) x WiFi Access Points
Uninterruptable Power Supply

Clarity to Assess
The Business Risk

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to our Fully Managed Services look to ACS to provide the following:

Contract Rate Guarantees. Unlike some Telcos, we DO NOT reserve the right to increase your costs to satisfy stakeholders.

Blue Collar Ownership. No fancy cars, no McMansions. We’re a blue collar team from top to bottom.

Helping hands not handouts. When we talk shop we’re looking at your best interests not increasing our bottom line.

No nickel and diming. Don’t you hate feeling you’re always on the clock? Well we do too (said no lawyer ever). We pride ourselves on the fairness of our billing. Got a quick question, maybe a task took us a few minutes, or we ran over a quoted budget. It’s on us, promise.

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